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Startups need help

Speaking on mindful leadership to a wonderful group

I specialize in coaching leaders in startups. I've lived the startup life in three different decades, and I know the struggles you face and the difficulty in your role.

It gets especially hard when you're a unicorn in the company. CEOs, CTOs, and CFOs don't have true peers in their daily life, and they often find themselves struggling to find anyone to connect with. Sometimes they must rely on their co-workers in unrelated functions to have any camaraderie at all.

When you want to share and reflect ideas, you don't have a 'safe' audience. You're talking to people who work for you. Or board members and investors who have their own vested interest in a specific outcome.

What you need is someone whose sole focus is on you. Helping you to be the best that you can be. Helping you to organize your thoughts and strategy without the high-stakes, no-net setting of board meetings.

My job is to help you grow, help you achieve at the highest level, and to inspire you.

And if you're reading this, you're probably the type of person who inspires me too!

My story

I can't stand to stay still, and I always need new challenges. Early in my career, I tried my hand at a whole range of jobs, from radio news broadcasting to educational testing to editing books to being a starving musician.

Eventually, I found my footing in software. Even there, I swung back and forth between software engineering and design, not content to be in any narrow box. I've had the opportunity to build and lead technology teams for companies large and small. And I've seen pretty much every possible outcome for tech startups, from a few different angles.

Most recently, I served as the CTO for a venture-backed company called Bellhops and built the tech platform that helped them to secure a $31 million funding round. I'm now the CTO for another early stage startup that's on its own amazing journey.

Through all of my experiences, what I've found that I enjoy the most is connecting with people. Especially the kind of people who want to run their own show and make a difference in the world.

"I truly got so much out of our conversation, I know for a fact that you are onto something with assisting startups with all the challenges we all face."

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